1 February 2015

Starting again February.

Welcome to my first blog post! Reason to start blogging again is just simple.That's -I'm bored. Also, I want to challenge myself  to be more patient about things this year, i.e.blogging. I've always  given up halfway on blogging, but this time I'll try to post persistently and consistently. I also have plenty of free time recently ,instead of wasting my time I rather blogging .( Which is better than doing nothing)

After finishing my high school ,I've applied some foreign universities to continue my studies and now I'm waiting for the application results (finger crossss). Maybe some days later I would probably do some part time / full time job.

I also recently have many photos wanted to share ,but I can't just upload all to my Instagram and that's why the idea to re-do a blog came up to me.Of course ,there will be others things I wanted to share besides photo but I will keep it as a secret now haha. Btw, I have no idea who will be my readers , I'm quite curious about it.  Let's see. Hope you'll ride along with me!

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