13 March 2015

Penang Photo Diary

Penang is definitely a nice place for a short getaway- an escape of sorts. Went to Penang twice in just a couple months, one's with my gang and another one's with my family. I'm in love with the slow pace lifestyle of this small island city. You can simply bumped into a kopitiam / cafe at the corner of street . Surrounded by old buildings, which is very different from the concrete jungle where i lived.

With the gang- Missing the night we bundled up chit-chatting, playing truth or dare, sharing and squeezing in one room even though we have two big rooms.Of course, I won't forget how crazy we were- cycling around the city to seek out the hidden street arts .

the front facade where we stayed -Wil House

With my family- Had a round island trip and amazed by the scenery of Balik Pulau. Later on we went to beach for a short walk( I want a beach vacay so much). The other day we woke up early for the sunrise but unfortunately it was a cloudy morning.It was hot and humid day when we cycling around Georgetown, searching for street arts and cafes. I finally have the chance to visit China House and another chances to visit The Mugshot for their famous bagels and yogurt, as I miss their bagels so much since my last visit.

Cafe that you definitely must give a try
1)The Mugshot - go for bagels and home-made yogurt
2)China House- CAKES and gallery
3) The Alley - go for cronuts and coffee
4)Toh Soon Cafe- go for their charcoal toast bread and kopi-bing

Thanks for spending time scrolling till the end (to the very end!) Next post might be a list of my monthly fav songs xx :)

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