27 March 2015

Process meant to be SLOW

It's just a quick and short shooting , by just wearing white blouses which is stole from my mum's wardrobe and a pair of  Levi's high waist crop jeans. I've been thinking / figuring about what I really want to present on this little space lately .But anyway I'm quite enjoy what I'm doing right now by sharing what I wear,what I thought ,what I listen etc... even there's just a small bunch of readers ( YES YOU ).  Also feeling grateful as there are one or two of you willing to help me snap these crazy photo shoots .

I'm wearing : Top/ H&M  Trousers/ Levi's

Currently the nostalgia of leisure and electric Busan life is slowly catching me up. Especially I am editing the vlog of my Korea Busan trip. Just a novice in editing video so DO NOT expect so much as I'm not good at this high tech stuffs AHA. Process is meant to be slow but I hope it will be done soon.  Many of my inspirations got fromTumblr recently, feel free to check out my Tumblr . Have a great Friday night peeps !

p/s Next post might be Korea Travel Photo Diary

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