14 April 2015

Busan Photo Diary

Finally my Busan photo diary is up! It's took me so long to update this post since I've backed from Korea haha (insert TOUGUE EMOJI). This is much to blame on my procrastinating habit and busy life latterly. Have an opportunity to escape from the humdrum days that have last for a month with my friends. Went there during the early spring ,so the weather during the day was cool and sometimes warm in the noon. But somehow the night temperature dropped abruptly. You can feel the utmost coldness during the night even though you have a jacket on you. Below are photos I managed to snap with my phone as I've forgotten to bring my camera along the trip. (I'm way too good in forgetting things.)

Cute pup can I bring you home

Cute dogs alert! Too many cute puppies / dogs on the streets.

As the first time encountered into an environment full with unfamiliar language was not easy as I haven't watch any Korean dramas or shows for a long time, but we still could barely alive with the broken Korean language haha.

Missing the night having a impromptu night walk by just strolling around the streets nearby the guest house- Woori Guest House, which we stayed for the few days. And there's just only a jacket , T-shirt and jeans on me to withstand the freaking (F*ckin ) cold temperature. Also had a chance went into a local club without paying for it by accidental , having a not so good latte ,drinking beer /chatting in a bar- Thursday Party .Went to spa at Spaland and being naked in front those strangers was weird but soon you will adapted to it...just try to be natural ! Ran into Sambazon Acai Bowl cafe ,which is on my craving list for a long time whilst wandering around but I've failed to visit twice as we reached there on the closing time. Think midnight 7-11 runs in slippers ,eating ramen in the pantry, crazy Soju time... etc .Too much fun during these five days, I would probably just let them laid in my mind ,it's a memorable one. Have a good time with them. ( Insert lots of loves emoji )

Fell in love with Busan and I would like to back here very soon.

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