4 April 2015

Sea and Sky, Sea and Cliffs

These photos were taken few weeks ago, when I was touristing in Busan. Took a loop tour which available hop-on hop-off service at different tourist attraction spots. It's quite unexpected that 75 square will be one of my favourite spots of this loop tour. At the edge of the sea there are cliffs which give a great view over the sea .It's so rare to have such view in Malaysia as seasides here usually are sandy beaches. There's a hiking track before you could get down to the seaside. Everything seems so peaceful in a sudden.On the another side of the cliff was sitting an ajusshi (which means old man in Korean) with his old radio which plays unknown,old, Korean songs and watching me and my friends took all these crazy snaps. And yes, I am missing those crazy time now. So the next post will be Korea Busan Photo Diary ! I promised(finger crossed). Have a great weekend people :)

It's hard to tell the different between sea and sky, between voyager and sea, between reality and the workings of the heart.                      -Haruki Murakami

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