12 September 2015

Cliff Jumping

Well, it's actually feeling great to crossing anything off from your bucket list. Went to cliff jumping last weekend with  friends and got sunburn on my back again after that. So, my skin is like literally half dead. If you have had sunburn before...you will know how's it . It's a long journey to make it to the place . After we took MTR, mini bus and van, still have to walked around 40 minutes to reached Shueng Luk Wan which is located at Sai Kung Country Park. It was hot in a way which is much different with the heat at Malaysia . I called this Summer anyway. It's worth to climb up and down to locate this peaceful and secluded freshwater spot. For a city dweller , it's hard to believe here's still a part of Hong Kong. Which, surprised me and urge me to discover more of this city. 

Counting down to six more days, then I have been here for almost one month. Lives is changing, in a way which I never thought of. Also, it's amazing to get to knew them who are from different places and met up with some fascinating people. 

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