7 October 2015

Cheung Chau

Hey guys, I'm back. Mid-term is coming, and there's assignments awaiting me to be done...but let's just leave it behind for awhile. Thought of documenting part of my lives in Hong Kong struck me all of sudden after read some updates from the bloggers I've been following for quite some times. So, I shall post some of the photos before i forgot. This post is all about --Cheung Chau. I have been in Hong Kong for almost one and a half months, still trying to fit in the local life. Of course, I enjoy the hustle and bustle city life but there will be some moment, you want to slow it down. 

Enjoy some quiet time. 

I went to Cheung Chau twice within one month. Yes ,no jokes. I got to know this quiet, calm , relaxing place from some Hong Kong Igers aka Instagrammers. Well, what surprised me was, that you can chill out in a dose of island life in just an hour journey. It's so convenient to get to anywhere ,or even everywhere here at Hong Kong by public transports. Which is quite impossible back in Malaysia, everyone drives to reached a place. 

Back to Cheung Chau -- Me and my friends went there end of the September ,when Hong Kong is finally getting cooler .I can still vaguely recall the heat and humidity the first week I reached here. Hope there's a 24/7 fan or air conditioner revolve around me lol. Cheung Chau ,I can say is one of the island I would like to chill at ,aside from Penang.

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