3 January 2016

Escape to Choi Hung Estate

Turning 20 make me feel so emotional, especially when you've done nothing big at this age, and you have to learned to be more independent ,take more responsibility for your life or set your life goals /targets etc. Third day of 2016 and I'm here , in my room watching some random shits ( oh well ,not at all ...Youtube videos fill my life up) , painting my nails (oh gurls) ,and wondering why my skin looks so so so bad ever since i came here -HK. People will say ,"Hey ,New year ,new you ; step out of your comfort zone ,communicate with people and meet new people ...". Hmm i just wanna be a couch potato right now ,can I ?

p/s this post is totally a waste of your time, if you're reading this it's too late to know. Anyway, I hope the rainbow brighten up your day a lil

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