23 January 2016

Music #1

I named this playlist -Alone but not lonely. As most of the time, after classes or food session with my friends , I'll just hide in my room (sounds creepy ehh ?) do some readings , on my laptop , watch some videos or just stalking others on Instagram (so lifeless).... So, music play an important part in my student lives/study abroad lives/single AF lives... so call alone lah. And Hong Kong weather hit a very low point today, below 10 degrees , which is quite suffering for me as I never stay in another countries for a long period of time except Malaysia before that, where I can have summer all year round . I'm currently very cold , my hands are freezing now ( can you imagine when your hands are in the fridge ). Anyway, I made this playlist today , which I haven't done in a while. Usually I'll just like or repost tracks I enjoy on my Soundcloud. Also, this year I want to expand my music palette - different genre of music, I tried last year and at the end I do enjoyed and surprised myself. Here are some Inspiring Do's & Don'ts I found last week, which I thought is bullshit but turned out deep and meaningful for me.

Hope you guys out there enjoy and keep warm.

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