28 January 2016


Scrolling through my phone's photos and found these left-behind jpegs. For me, 2015 was totally not my year ,but it's definitely a life changing one. I started to work , study abroad ,live alone by myself (Not totally 'alone' but without family members around your side, you will feel like you are living alone out here. It's a stage for me to learn how to be independent bit by bit), meet new people ... There is so much going on around last year, tbh sometimes it's quite unrealistic for me ,to believe these amazing things actually happened(not my year, yet still quite amazing). Currently working on a video about some of the highlights from last year. Unfortunately, I don't have a lot footage for that but I will try. I shall stop here, this is no time to make a speech.

1. Fun photo shooting session with my one of fav people , back to one of those fine days in March 2015.  Fun fact is that, at the end, I didn't post those photos online.

2. One of the remarkable things in 2015- working at H&M and surprisingly this place build real friendship. Although there do have some shitty people or situations, still it's fun to work with them .

 3. Spending most of the time hanging at one of my favourite cafes in KL - VCR.
4. Tan Ping San Street- A very photogenic street located at Sheung Wan, where you can find cafes / street arts/ local designers shops or boutiques etc. If you are looking for a place to chill, here's the place you can bring your friends to hang around. (Check out NOSH, Teakha, LOF 10, Cafe deadend)
Teakha at Tai Ping San Street 
The morning lights. By : Hui Shi
Trying to be kewl kids eh?Sweg mou ? Squads? Hipsters wannabe
Somewhere in Sai Ying Pun , ft Geovanny.
Teakha at Shueng Wan
5. Explore Central and Sheung Wan with friends. Usually by Bus / MTR, public transport here are superb. 
6. The innovation tower by Zaha Hadid. This place is a bomb. A very unique spot for Instagramers to take #cool / #allwhite / #architecture etc photos.
Coco , Oscar , and chubby me.
By : Oscar . I like this shot so so much!
Missing them ! Chill at one of my favourite hide out.
7.Endless photo shoots
8. 2016 do's and don'ts... trying to apply in my daily lives. #justsaying

I don't even know is there anyone who's interested to my throwback post. Appreciate to those who make to the end or check out my lil space! 

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