18 January 2016

Weekend Vlog #1

Here's another video I've made for my channel. It's just a vlog about what / where  I have been last weekend. I do , and really enjoyed edit videos . The reasons why I started Vlog and posting this videos are because of  Fun (definitely ,that's why I enjoyed ) and inspired got from some of the YouTubers out there. I always filled up my (free) time on YouTube , and recently I bumped into this girl's Youtube channel - That's Chic . Check her out people , in love with most of hers videos.

So, the story behind of this vlog is - that day me and my friend was watching JinnyBoyTv videos and I've an idea, which is make some video+blogging every weekend. For me, it's like document bits of our lives in Hong Kong. We planned to go Cheung Chau that day but ended up hanging around Hong Kong island due to the weather ... I'm sick of the gloomy winter , plus it's too cold for me to crawl out my bed. Whatever, a brand new week , it's Monday! Make your week productive people, me too, of course .( finger cross)

Oh, and song for you guys. Take some rest, sip tea. Goodnight.

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