31 May 2017

Some reads on UNTOUCHD 01

"Speaking for myself only, the thing that keeps me going is that I’d rather try something that I wanted to achieve instead of thinking back wishing I had tried it. If it doesn’t work, that’s fine. If it does work, that’s even better. But because I’m enjoying the journey, I’m learning and improving myself while meeting heaps of really interesting people."

"You will feel incompetent at times and you will make mistakes -- all sizes and shapes of mistakes.
Some you never even thought possible. My advice to you is to lock your ego in a closet and
absorb every detail of your failures.
Every time you hit a wall, don’t just accept that you’ve failed. Analyze where things went wrong, take it apart, and learn from it. Teach yourself to embrace the chaos and grow from the most humiliating and negative experiences and you will be unstoppable."


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