5 June 2017

You know what you have to do but you don't do it

I have been learning Spanish recently
"Yo soy una nina"
But I am not dedicated enough
My mind is pretty up on space
wasting up so much on useless stuffs

"I need to be focus"
I tell myself...everyday
Girl...you gonna clean all the things that have been bothering you lately
Make a time table, be more schedule
24 hours a day don't waste it on social media
it doesn't help you at all in recognising yourself or even improving yourself

"I am smart, am I smart?"
I was good at studies I can say
 because it is not a though job for me to get good grades back in primary school
but things turn another way round when I got into high school
Not enough effort? sick of the Asian education? lazy? or just dump?
I believed it is a matter of self after I got my results for this semester
It is also important to know my own strength
whilst things doesn't work this way in uni?
I feel like everyone was required to have the same skills or be well-rounded

That is all for now.

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