6 June 2017

Some reminders

1. People’s personalities generally don’t change once they’re grown up- but they can. Personality change requires you to grow and strengthen new neural pathways. This actually works the same way that physical exercise works- you have to stress those neural pathways to the point of fatigue, then rest them, and they grow stronger when they recover.
In practice, this means you have to engage in new, desired behaviours, and keep at them past the point where they start to be mentally tiring. If you want to become extroverted, you need to go out and socialise, and keep talking to people for at least a half hour past the point where you really just want to go home. If you want to be more productive, you nee to force yourself to work past the point where you’re dying to take a break. It’s tough, but it gets easier over time.
2. How much dating advice tells us to just “be confident,” or use some magic pickup line? How come the standard is so high for the people we want to date, and so low for ourselves?
3. We’re often told that we shouldn’t rush to judgement. This sounds nice, but isn’t practical if you’re meeting a lot of people in your life. When you withhold judgement of everyone you meet, you have to spend more time getting to know all of them. If you evaluate people more harshly up front- in dating, hiring, friendship, or any other realm- you have fewer people to deal with, and can give more attention to those who meet your standards.
4. Whenever someone says they don’t care what people think of them, it just means they really want to be seen as someone who doesn’t care what people think of them. In truth, you should care what people think of you- but not everyone. Figure out who is a good judge of character, and view their opinion of you as useful feedback- but ignore most everyone else.
5. We are what we do consistently, not what we occasionally struggle at. Hard work is important, but you won’t accomplish much by working hard for a while, getting exhausted and giving up. To achieve something great, work at it almost every day. This means you need to pace yourself; work as hard as you’re able to sustain, not so hard you get burnt out.
6. Having acquaintances you’re not close with isn’t shallow or disingenuous. Pretending they’re close friends is. Friends, best friends and acquaintances all have their place in your life- just appreciate them each for what they are.
7. To make big improvements in one area of your life, you need to work on that one area for at least 20 hours a week, for at least three months. 40 hours a week for a year would be better. You can only do this for one or two things at a time. You can and should have more than two life goals, but learn to focus on one or two at a time, while saving the others for later.

5 June 2017

You know what you have to do but you don't do it

I have been learning Spanish recently
"Yo soy una nina"
But I am not dedicated enough
My mind is pretty up on space
wasting up so much on useless stuffs

"I need to be focus"
I tell myself...everyday
Girl...you gonna clean all the things that have been bothering you lately
Make a time table, be more schedule
24 hours a day don't waste it on social media
it doesn't help you at all in recognising yourself or even improving yourself

"I am smart, am I smart?"
I was good at studies I can say
 because it is not a though job for me to get good grades back in primary school
but things turn another way round when I got into high school
Not enough effort? sick of the Asian education? lazy? or just dump?
I believed it is a matter of self after I got my results for this semester
It is also important to know my own strength
whilst things doesn't work this way in uni?
I feel like everyone was required to have the same skills or be well-rounded

That is all for now.


"Doing something you don't like is part of growing up?"

再怎么喜欢 都会有厌倦和厌恶的一天
有人说 这是在乎于你怎么看待你的工作

随时间 慢慢动摇


31 May 2017

Some reads on UNTOUCHD 01

"Speaking for myself only, the thing that keeps me going is that I’d rather try something that I wanted to achieve instead of thinking back wishing I had tried it. If it doesn’t work, that’s fine. If it does work, that’s even better. But because I’m enjoying the journey, I’m learning and improving myself while meeting heaps of really interesting people."

"You will feel incompetent at times and you will make mistakes -- all sizes and shapes of mistakes.
Some you never even thought possible. My advice to you is to lock your ego in a closet and
absorb every detail of your failures.
Every time you hit a wall, don’t just accept that you’ve failed. Analyze where things went wrong, take it apart, and learn from it. Teach yourself to embrace the chaos and grow from the most humiliating and negative experiences and you will be unstoppable."


27 May 2017

会不会有些歌 曾是前世听过的
因为心 不免被牵动 即使是第一次

23 May 2017

21岁 第二篇

太会思考不好 不思考也不好

常常觉得自己还未成熟 还未活的像自己想像中的那样
常常觉得时间流逝地好快 自己好老
与此同时 父母也在慢慢地变老
百万千万的不愿意 却还是无能为力
想多陪陪家人之于 也想在世界的某个角落闯出一片天地

或许 应随遇而安
人生很多东西 都是可遇不可求

22 May 2017

21 y/o. So what?

Sometimes you just gonna express yourself without caring too much how people think of you
and I'm finally back to words
trying to use words to express myself
for the 21 y/o me
in the age where you thought you will be able to do a lot of things
or on the way to achieve your "dreams"
or even some of the goals

I want to use words
to document days like this- when nothing is sure.
to seek those days that have been buried in a dusty corner of my memories.
to tell the future me that I will be alright- you will go through those days you thought you would not.